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Out of state shipments of grapes or bulk wine and the TTB labeling regulation updates

This post is a follow up to my post from 2 weeks ago. That was written to explain the latest rather confusing TTB proposed rule change related to how wines can be labeled that have a certificate of exemption

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New drop down menu for varietals on TTB wine label approvals

The TTB continues to tweak their various online filing websites. Their COLAs Online website, which is used for submitting label approvals for all alcoholic beverages has recently made changes to the varietal

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What is this Man Doing?

Whenever I come across images of this statue figure which lives at the south end of Napa I smile because I know the name of it is, “The Grape Crusher”. My smile however is not one so much

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No, it’s not that kind of cola…….

You may have heard of the term “cola” used frequently in the wine industry around wine labels. Perhaps you thought, what does soda have anything to do with wine? Do soda drinkers also tend

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